Joelle Riffle | Cleveland Baaar



Role: Lead designer
Live site:

  • Cleveland Bazaar owner and founder Shannon Okey approached to grow the Cleveland Bazaar visual identity in Spring 2016
  • Developed visual language based around the existing logo designed by Katie Major at Fuzz Creative
  • Shannon needed something easy meaningful yet simple to implement on the fly for show collateral and social media
  • Branding needed to be distinctive amongst other craft shows and other local events while remaining true to the Cleveland Bazaar story and values
Collateral includes
  • Branding guidelines, including a type system, color scheme, supporting graphics, and recommended typography
  • Website refresh
  • Social media graphics and templates to develop future communications from
  • Signage and other spatial materials
  • Supporting patterns and graphics*
  • Merchandise, like stickers and enamel pins

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*Adapted from The Noun Project

Selection from Brand Guidlines