Joelle Riffle | The Fresh Producers

The Fresh Producers
Lead Designer under the project leadership of Christy Herbes, with illustration work from KAPPA high school students

As part of my role in the Public Access Design fellowship with the Center for Urban Pedagogy, I collaborated with igh school students at KAPPA International High School to design a book which featured their research and illustrations around fresh food access in the Bronx.

Live site: Center for Urban Pedagogy: The Fresh Producers

Teaching Artist
Kathryn Sclavi

Project Lead
Christy Herbes

Project Support
Jenn Anne Williams
Christine Gaspar
Deja Holden
KAPPA International High School Students
Sahira Abreu
Kaliz Baez
Kevin Bhuggoo
Kory Bueno
Rafia Chowdhury
Angel Gil
Rosa Gil
Sharon Nwankpa

Panorea Panagiousoulis

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