Joelle Riffle | America’s Essential Hospitals Research Briefs

Junior Designer, MESH Design and Development with Megan Bullock, creative director

Under the lead of my creative director at MESH Design and Development, I was contributed to a range of projects under the America’s Essential Hospitals partnership. One such project was designing the format for the healthcare network’s Institute research briefs. Following the brand guidelines that we designed for America’s Essentials Hospitals, I developed a clear and sophisticated typographic system which allows a reader space and clarity to digest complex and rich information about the Institute’s findings. The briefs include content like visual representations of quantitative data via tables, charts, and graphs, appendices, lists, and callouts, all of which have to be distinctive and legible.

To view PDFs of a few research briefs that I designed, visit:

1. Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies: Improving Prenatal Care in the Medicaid Population 2. Integrating Care Delivery in Four Essential Hospitals 3. Virginia Coordinated Care from the Community Physician Perspective