In my design practice, I employ two-dimensional design methods — typography, image, form, and color to make complex messages clear and accessible. In my artistic practice, I use those same methods to manipulate seemingly simple words and forms.

Teenage Dirtbag Baby

Medium: Risograph on paper
Size: 5x8in

Bad Guy Good

Medium: Digital print on paper, spiral bound
Size: 24 pages, 4.5x3.75in

Light Gold

Medium: Art book, ink on paper
Size: 5x8in

Mouths for Subjugation and Decadence

Medium: Digital graphic
Size: digital

At a Glance

A design reflection on a year. A series of 8.5x11 inch posters/pages based on the readily available grid of a year/planner and the happenings and feelings built around that structure.

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September Forever

5.5" x 8.5"
Digitally printed book