Maura and Victor Wedding Stationery

Letterpress wedding invitation, bulletin, table cards, and menus for Maura and Victor's Harlem wedding inspired by Festac '77, the Black Panther Party, and union seals.

Joelle Riffle | Economic Analysis of the Detroit Food System

Lead Designer, MESH Design and Development with
Megan Bullock, creative director  and partners Detroit Food
and Fitness Collaborative and Urbane Development
Publication design, including illustration and icon design, information design, infographics, and typographic layout.

I designed a publication which aims to explore an
innovative approach to how localizing the food system in Detroit, MI might impact the city. The goal of this project
was to make as clear as possible a compounded set of issues. Practically, that means designing a thorough typographic system within a clean and airy layout which does not overwhelm the reader but allows them to better understand the various hierarchies. This also means resolving as much information as possible into visuals, developing infographics, charts and tables, narrative illustrations, and so on to bring the content to life. Download the PDF here.

Not Going Back conference design

Not Going Back

Lead Designer and Organizer

Branding and event graphics for day long conference

In response to the then-impending 2017 Presidential Inauguration, a group of concerned staff and faculty under the lead of the Director of Social Justice Initiatives at The New School planned and implemented a one-day conference of community building. As part of this group, I developed the brand identity, print materials, digital signage, and tote bags for the event. In a period highly saturated with imagery challenging the political climate, it was important for the identity of this event to challenge the visual signifiers of how political activism and resistance has and continued to be branded in 2017 and beyond while being legible as part of such a movement. In deference to the sense of social, political, and philosophical displacement and confusion that we felt around that day, I created a visual that references a mangled and distorted American flag, a symbol of the need to reinvent and remix our understanding of our country.

Not Going Back conference design
Holly Corey Long Logo

Joelle Riffle | Holly Corey

Lead Designer, MESH Design and Development with Megan Bullock, creative director
Branding and print design, including surface design

Holly Corey is an independent designer of activewear for young gymnastics and athletes. In designing Holly’s branding, i was inspired by the motion and path of a gymnast or dancer and wanted to embue that sense of vitality and physical energy into the work.

Joelle Riffle | Kayi and Wilkes

Lead Designer, MESH Design And Development
Branding, web design, and business cards

When Varsha Kayi and Lindsey Wilkes formalized their immigration and asylum law practice in Washington DC, they approached MESH to design a brand and website that would mirror their level of professionalism and expertise, while standing out among an industry saturated with conservative logos and websites. I designed a site for them that reflects the highly personal and human quality of their work, invoking the sense of dignity and individuality with which they treat each of the clients they advocate for in their law practice.

Joelle Riffle | JQD Salt

Designer, MESH Design and Development
Web design

Collaborators: Megan Bullock, creative director and lead designer. Josh Dodd, lead developer. Pat Eason, developer. Lauren Stonestreet, photography. Elizabeth Haddad, writer.

Inspired by archival print materials found on the Dickinson farm property, we designed a suite of branding and print materials to support JQ Dickinson Salt-Works, a unique salt company founded by a family in West Virginia. We worked closely with the family over some years to help them define their messaging and approach, situating themselves in the specialty food industry with sophisticated yet wholesome design materials that reflect the care and craft of their product. I lead the design work, building a special and custom experience that mirrors the evocative ephemera that is part of the tradition of the Dickinson farm and family.