Joelle Riffle | Cleveland Bazaar

Cleveland Bazaar
Lead Designer
Brand guidelines including type system, preferred colors, and recommended brand applications, event signage, patterns and illustrations, social media graphics and templates, website refresh, stickers and enamel pins, print doc templates

Longtime collaborator, Cleveland Bazaar owner and founder Shannon Okey approached me to grow the visual identity and suite of assets for the Cleveland Bazaar brand. Using the existing logo designed by Katie Major at Fuzz Creative, I developed a visual language which is distinctive from other craft shows and local events while remaining true to the Cleveland Bazaar story and community. The bright and punchy visuals are evocative of the handmade and communal aspects of the brand. The brand also needed to be fun and easy for Shannon and her team to implement and adapt based on seasons and themes on the fly, which brings the entrepreneurial spirit from branding concept to practical application.

Selection from Brand Guidlines