Friday May 15 2020


Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, Perfume Genius 2020


Screenshot 2020-05-05 19.33.35I'm sewing from a pattern for the first time ever, using this jumpsuit pattern from Peppermint Magazine. I bought this rusty linen fabric from Fabrics-Store.


Moses Sumney - Cut Me 

Swingers (1996)

I'd consider this movie part of a series of 90s movies that feels so obviously dated but even the contemporary comment on them doesn't reflect that. All the letterboxd reviews for this movie are like, this is just like me and the boys! I sure hope not! (See also: High Fidelity. Both are about the pursuit and entitlement to women's attention, care, and sex.) I'm so curious about how the 90s swing moment happened. Why did all these guys and gals suddenly think, you know what this culture needs is some 1940s influence. Vince and Jon F are cuties here if not pretty gross dudes.


🌞 Enjoying the sunshine on my patio during the work day.

🌱 Drove to Clinton, MA to pick up some seedlings from a Matchstick Market sale. I'll pot them on the patio after next week and do my best to protect them from the squirrels and grackles.

🌲 I've walked in Franklin Park near my house almost every day this week. Everything is so spring-lush right now. 

🧘🏽‍♀️ I've been starting my day with yoga every day for like a year (?!) and I've recently started using Alo Moves to mix it up a bit. I like this morning series and this one, too. 



I can see a nest on my neighbors' patio from all the west-facing windows of my house, most importantly my office, where I now sit 8+ hours a day. About two weeks ago, I noticed some activity. Three baby robins had hatched. I could see them sticking their freaky little heads up out of the nest when their parents would come with food. At first they were grey and naked then seemingly very quickly, they grew beautiful speckled feathers. Their bodies grew quickly too. I could see them easily through the binoculars I kept nearby because they were getting too big for the nest, sitting awkwardly on top of one another. I googled to see that they would probably leave the nest about 9 to 14 days after they were hatched so I knew the day was coming. On Tuesday, I watched them flapping their wings so much, so eager seeming. On Wednesday, I looked out the window while making coffee and the nest was empty.