Joelle Riffle | JQD Salt

Designer, MESH Design and Development
Web design

Collaborators: Megan Bullock, creative director and lead designer. Josh Dodd, lead developer. Pat Eason, developer. Lauren Stonestreet, photography. Elizabeth Haddad, writer.

Inspired by archival print materials found on the Dickinson farm property, we designed a suite of branding and print materials to support JQ Dickinson Salt-Works, a unique salt company founded by a family in West Virginia. We worked closely with the family over some years to help them define their messaging and approach, situating themselves in the specialty food industry with sophisticated yet wholesome design materials that reflect the care and craft of their product. I lead the design work, building a special and custom experience that mirrors the evocative ephemera that is part of the tradition of the Dickinson farm and family.