Nakia Hill

When my dear friend and colleague Nakia Hill approached me to help her get her brand together, I was enthusiastic and truly honored. We collaborated closely over a few months to develop her logo, business cards, letterhead, and the crown jewel, her website. It was a dream to reflect Nakia’s vision and creativity back to her and create this archive of her many talents and ventures. Using my new holy grail tool, Webflow I designed and built a custom site for Nakia that serves as a calling card, mission statement, and home for future visions and dreams. Thank you to my brilliant and intentional friend Nakia for letting me in on her beautiful world and helping to refract it back out into the world.

Visit the website here.

Nakia’s body of work is constantly growing, so we built a site that can grow alongside her. Plenty of room for future projects, photos of Nakia in action at her events and programming, and space to reflect her ongoing press coverage as the world learns of her talent. The gorgeous portraits you see throughout the site were shot by Paper Monday.

Business Card and Letterhead

Community is everything to Nakia. Having a way of reaching the world and connecting with her people with stationery was a cornerstone of the project.


Nakia starts all of her projects in handwriting, immersing herself in her words and letting it all flow. We wanted a logo that captures that element of her process and feels like her signature.