Not Going Back

Lead Designer and Organizer

Branding and event graphics for day long conference

In response to the then-impending 2017 Presidential Inauguration, a group of concerned staff and faculty under the lead of the Director of Social Justice Initiatives at The New School planned and implemented a one-day conference of community building. As part of this group, I developed the brand identity, print materials, digital signage, and tote bags for the event. In a period highly saturated with imagery challenging the political climate, it was important for the identity of this event to challenge the visual signifiers of how political activism and resistance has and continued to be branded in 2017 and beyond while being legible as part of such a movement. In deference to the sense of social, political, and philosophical displacement and confusion that we felt around that day, I created a visual that references a mangled and distorted American flag, a symbol of the need to reinvent and remix our understanding of our country.

Not Going Back conference design