Joelle Riffle is a graphic designer based in New York, developing bright and powerful visual languages. She runs a volunteer initiative for creatives called Designers Available. She is available for freelance design and consulting work.

Design Work




Joelle Riffle is a communication designer from Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in communication design in 2013. Joelle has a range of professional and creative experiences, from her time as a graphic designer at the small branding and web studio to her current role as the program administrator at the Parsons Scholars Program. Her design practice and administrative work overlaps in the desire to work from a people-focused approach to collaborate and mobilize for positive change, particularly around underrepresented populations in creative fields.

She is available for a variety of creative and design projects. She is open to client work in print, branding, and web, partnering with community organizations and non-profits, and developing interdisciplinary collaborations.

You can download her resumé here.

Special Projects

Connecting designers and other creative individuals with non-profits and grassroots organizations to support their missions with pro bono design work. Founder and organizer.

Ladybugs is an exploration of female (woman-identified, as well as queer and gender non-conforming) friendships. The project aims to tell stories of strong gal pal-ships and start conversations about the importance of those dynamics and bonds in our personal lives, collective unconsciousness, and pop culture. Designer, photographer, videographer, art direction, and writing.

The Parsons Scholars Program is a three-year college access and preparation program in art and design for NYC public high school students. During their sophomore through senior year in high school, students from a wide range of high schools dedicate their Saturdays and summers to studying art and design at the college level, exploring a range of art and design careers and acquiring the tools and knowledge necessary to gain admittance to and achieve success at competitive art and design college programs. Program administrator.