Joelle Riffle


Connecting designers with non-profits and grassroots organizations to support their missions with pro bono design work for Designers Available.

Collecting insights on design and culture, and the people and forces that impact them/they impact for as little fear. 

Archiving conversations about relationships between women at ladybugs.


All the materials for an exhibition and event series for and by alumni of color at Parsons.


Parole Preparation Project

A solid logomark for an organization which supports parole-eligible incarcerated people prepare parole applications.


Teenage Dirtbag Baby

A very personal zine which talks about my relationship to gender, sexuality, and the music and pop culture of the 90s and 2000s.



An artbook about my feelings around race, genealogy, and identity as a mixed-race person. 


Vacation Content

I like to make things when I go on trips. 


JQD Salt

A dynamic website for an organization that serves West Virginia families and children.


Not Going Back

Everything we needed for a day-long conference around resisting the Trump Administration. 


Cleveland Bazaar

A whole toolbox of branding assets for the Midwest craft fair.



Graphics to support the programming for an NYC feminist arts+activism organization. +

I like making little moving images. +

A storytelling website for a new-old food brand. +

Active branding for an activewear brand. +

A reliable presence for immigration attorneys. +

A collab with high school students around access to fresh food. +

A simple (and smart) report to outline a complicated Detroit food system. +

Design Work


Joelle Riffle is a communication designer from Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in communication design in 2013. Joelle has a range of professional and creative experiences, from her time as a graphic designer at the small branding and web studio to her current role as the graphic designer at MASS Design Group. Her design practice and organizing work overlaps in the desire to work from a people-focused approach to collaborate and mobilize for positive change, particularly around underrepresented populations in creative fields.

She is available for a variety of creative and design projects. She is open to client work in print, branding, and web, partnering with community organizations and non-profits, and developing interdisciplinary collaborations.

You can download her resumé here.